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Welcome to Emerging Harmony!

Emerging Harmony is a website about transformation leading to a better future.

Some of the things we will do here are:

  • Link to artists and artisans by art form– no fee or a  fee for expenses incurred only
  • Perhaps artist of the week or the month – picked by lottery after appraised
  • Clearing House of Good programs approaching Solutions (This was Dreamcatcher)
  • Repository of new practical thinking for a Better Future by Categories
  • Recommended music by category – links to Youtube – other
  • Call for and recognize new business formats
  • Provide guidance on how to find solutions and establish creative thinking
  • Provide a list of desired human qualities for the New New World!!
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2 Responses to Welcome to Emerging Harmony!

  1. Bob Milner says:

    Dear Cindy,
    Thanks for the work you’ve done. We’re just about there – with Love, Bob

  2. Bob Milner says:

    Please notify me if anyone responds to the email I just sent. Thanks!! Again with love from here to there and all the points along the way. Bob

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